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Post  Ellowyn on Thu May 29, 2008 11:34 am

((As I'm not a lore-known person in the Warcraft world, this is written totally without regard to that.))

Hi there guild! I don't often do this, you know, introduce myself so thoroughly but heck I'll give it a shot, hm?

Let's see... Well, as the defiant young elf I was (though I'm still pretty young, teehee, but you don't reveal a lady's age!) I ran away from home - with dire consequences. I never got to see my parents again from what I was enrolled in. It turned out living on your own was tougher than I thought, but at least I got quite good at lurking in the shadows looking for prey that I could pickpocket from. Eventually it led to me ganging up with a small group of thugs - we split the loot instead of angering ourselves when somebody else empitied our victim's pockets.

However, this wasn't really what I wanted with life. Mind you that at this point I had not seen any of Azeroth basically as I had been stuck on that island called Teldrassil so far, with occasional boat trips to Auberdine. So I decided to travel, and a long travel that was on foot. I ended up in Stormwind, but before I even got a chance to view the city properly a paladin named Faoost asked me if I cared to join for a guild meeting.

I said yes as I had no expectation what so ever to what this might be. Thus I met Byral and Shadowtalon, two trusted friends of mine and I became a member of THE SILVER RAVEN! I even gained the trust of Faoost so much that he handed over leadership to me for a while. What a shock that was for a young elf like me! Teehee!

Oh, I've already babbled on for centuries haven't I? Well we elves do have a lot of 'em, don't we? Where was I...

It turned out that Faoost's want with the guild was for us to be soldiers that fought in the name of the light. He even had a codex you had to pledge, but somehow I managed to dodge that. I'm a rogue after all!

Within the Ravens a group of non-light worshippers emerged, and I stuck to those. Well, what can I say? I was more used to that lifestyle.

To make a long story short, as if that would be possible by now, Faoost eventually died, may he rest in peace, which I didn't hear before months later sadly since I went away for quite the while as I needed to figure out my wants in life. Jogá took over the Ravens which neither I or Byral were satisfied with and we made The Dark Ravens - after some fights within The Silver Raven ranks, hehe!

Oh and... For those interested in the love story of me and Byral, we were actually also engaged while in The Silver Raven, however... Since we both disappeared neither of us thought it would be us, Byral can explain to you what he was up to it's a long story, but as we started up The Dark Ravens it was obvious we're meant to be.

Well... *Ellowyn slowly glares up at the attic of the cabin she's in, looking as if she's in a trance like state*
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