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Post  Vatrenus on Mon May 26, 2008 11:41 pm

[[OOC:]] I'm not to be held personally responsible for any english wrongdoings whatsoever, I suggest you forwarf all misstakes to my english teacher Smile

Full name: Vatrenus Nethershield
Age: mid twentys
Class: Rogue

Story beggins:

Vatrenus looked up at his father while he was cutting a carrot into pieces. Even though they rarely spoke to eachother, they had a father to son relation ship. Vatrenus was a quick learned boy, wich his father noticed really fast since Vatrenus at the age of seven outskilled the Taverns' chefs were Vatrenus's father worked. But since his father was always bussy tending to the Tavern, Vatrenus was often left unguarded. Meaning he left the Tavern for nightly adventures. During several encounters with Alliance army personal, Vatrenus had at the age of 15 alot of combat experiance.
Though what marked Vatrenus was that he didn't rush into fights trusting blindly on that his skills overcome the enemys. No, he planned, waited, then killed.

When Vatrenus had reached his seventennth summer his father got killed in a Tavern fight, some drunk men had killed him just for fun. Vatrenus who ofcourse had been out on his "Nightly Adventures" hadn't noticed anything untill later.
But instead of rushing to kill his fathers murderers, he made his first priority to survive independent. He left for Stormwind, arriving at Stormwind Vatrenus began to work in the bar "The Smoking Blade". He also did several "Shady jobbs" for the barowner. Wich all ended in total success.

While working at "The Smoking Blade" a dark clothed man appeared. This man became Vatrenus's future mentor and Rogue Trainer.
The mentors last test had been simple; "Revenge your fathers murderers". Vatrenus planned for weeks, observed, stalked. One by one, they all got silenced, dragged away, and most likly killed. Boddies were never to be found.

After telling his mentor of his success the mentor took his leave and were never to be seen again.... ((( LEft this for someone who whana play my mentor in later RPs Razz ))

Completing his basic training Vatrenus felt that it was time to leave "The Smoking Blade" becouse the Tavern, reminded him of his father. Having his eyes open he heard about a guild named "The Dark Ravens". Vatrenus took intressed in what I heard and desided that he should look further into it.
But weeks passed and he didn't hear a word about the guild. When suddenly walking the streets of Stormwind he saw Nightelf arguing with a Human. Vatrenus emidietly recognise the humans' tabar, he was a scarlet.... Since Vatrenus knew that The Scarlet Crusade has a hand in everything he thought it was worth to listen to the conversation...

((Going to continue this later when I have more time :S To damn tired right now ))


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